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Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate.

Quila is one of the leading real estate property platforms in Nigeria. With a web/app platform for rentals and sales of property, we provide great search experience both online and offline by connecting them with any of our legitimate real estate agents.

1. Sign in to Quila.
2. On the menu bar, select profile
3. Enter your current password and the new password, then select Save Changes.
1. Go to the Reset password page

2. Follow the instructions. You'll be asked to input your email address to confirm that it's your account, and an email will be sent to you. If you don’t get an email:

  1. Check your Spam or Bulk mail folders
  2. Request another email

3. Choose a new password, it's a good practice that you choose a password you haven't already used with this account.